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We believe education shapes bright futures.

Your gifts help us ensure our students flourish at the LFC and beyond.

From our founding to today, it is individuals like you that help our institution thrive. Your support enables the LFC to do what it does best: provide outstanding multilingual and pluricultural educational programs in order to help our students grow into well-rounded, active citizens of the world.

As an independent school, the LFC receives no significant financial support from the US or French governments. Philanthropy is an essential component of the school’s annual operating income, in addition to tuition and co-curricular fees.

Make A Gift

Our Funding Priorities

Giving Is

  • A vital bridge between tuition and the full cost of education.
  • What makes our high-level educational experience possible for all students and teachers.
  • Key to supporting 20% of students with financial aid.
  • What enhances our 3.8-acres campus.
  • Secures our school for future generations.

Building a Community Together

Family involvement is crucial, and comes in many forms. In addition to annual giving, volunteering your time and attending LFC's many wonderful events are key to getting the most out of your years at LFC. The school relies on each and every family to make the LFC experience unforgettable for all.

Volunteer Opportunities

Engaging with the LFC beyond the classroom makes a family's LFC journey extra special.


Join us at our many cultural, educational and celebratory gatherings.

Parent Association

Parents are invited to take an active role in the PA, helping to organize school events or getting involved in school activities.