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University Bound: Highlighting Tricia D.

Four images of student Tricia D. throughout the years.

Each year, our graduating students are accepted to universities all around the world. The College Counseling Office works closely with each student to find universities that best fit his or her goals and interests to ensure that s/he continues to excel. With the University Bound series, we highlight some of their stories. This week's interview showcases Tricia D., a senior in the IB program, who will be attending University of Michigan next year.

Congratulations on your acceptance to University of Michigan! Can you share with us what made it your top choice? 

Honestly when researching colleges I did not have specific criteria for the schools I was applying to. I ended up only applying to seven schools that strongly differed in both size and location. It was not until I visited the University of Michigan that I decided it was my top choice. The University of Michigan was appealing to me not only because of its prestigious academics and popular athletics, but also because of its College of Literature, Science, and Arts which would allow me to tailor my major/minor to my specific interests. Along with this, the University of Michigan has exceptional study abroad programs that I plan to participate in. Most importantly to me, when visiting the campus I felt very welcomed by the people I met and enjoyed the general atmosphere of campus. 

Do you already know what you plan to study? What types of clubs and activities are you excited to participate in on campus? 

The University of Michigan has several majors and minors that are unique to the school. In terms of a major I plan to major in Biology, health, & society. I am excited to take advantage of this major as it is unique to Michigan and, in my opinion, perfectly combines the relationship between biology and its practical, medical uses in society. This major will also help prepare me for my future, as I want to become a doctor. Having taken French since kindergarten, I wanted to maintain the language through college. In order to maintain French, I will be minoring in international relations with an emphasis on French international conflict and security. Aside from my academics, I plan to rush a sorority, participate in a study abroad program and I hope to join an intramural or club soccer team. 

How do you think your time at LFC has prepared you for success in college?

The LFC, specifically the IB program, has prepared me for success in college as its rigor has helped me to grow as a learner and develop several skills such as analytical skills, time management and problem solving. The IB program also heavily values a well-rounded education which has been beneficial to me, as I had the opportunity to study several varying subjects and I had the ability to tailor them to my interests by taking them at a standard or higher level. These standard and higher level courses will allow me to have a strong foundation for my future major/minor, as well as allow me to test out of some beginner level or prerequisite classes at the university level. 

How did you approach your college admissions journey? Create a balanced list? Take advantage of global opportunities? Utilize the resources available to you at school and at home?

I worked closely with my college counselor through bi-weekly meetings. These meetings consisted of discussing my college thoughts, reviewing my college essays and setting reasonable due dates for me to complete my college-related work in order to stay organized. I also consulted my family who had familiarity with the college process, as they had been through it with my brother a few years prior. Thirdly, I took advantage of opportunities I was presented with such as participating in college tours and meeting college representatives at school.

Do you have any advice for future LFC students going through the college application process?

My advice is that it is ok not to know what you are looking for in a college and therefore apply to a wide variety of colleges. Your college plan does not have to be a set and predetermined thing as you may visit or research a different college than you expected and fall in love with it. The college process is very fluid and you might change your mind throughout the process. I would also recommend visiting the colleges you’ve applied to because while researching the college is important, the atmosphere is equally as important!

Any other reflections you’d like to share? 

While I will be attending a significantly larger school for university compared to the LFC, I have enjoyed the small class sizes as it has allowed me to form positive relationships with both my teachers and classmates. The small class size has also provided me with the opportunity to make friends amongst all the grades which I have enjoyed.