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University Bound: Highlighting Gabriela C.

Five images of Gabriela C. throughout her years at LFC.

Each year, our graduating students are accepted to universities all around the world. The College Counseling Office works closely with each student to find universities that best fit his or her goals and interests to ensure that s/he continues to excel. With the University Bound series, we highlight some of their stories. This week's interview showcases Gabriela C., a senior in the Bac program, who will be attending EDHEC business school in Lille, France.

Congratulations on your early acceptance! Can you share with us where you’ll be attending, and what made it your top choice? 

I will be attending EDHEC business school, specifically the campus in Lille, France, pursuing a Bachelor in international business. I discovered the school during my junior year, when their international admissions manager, came to present the school and its program. I was immediately interested as I was already planning to go to France to pursue studies around my two academic focuses, Geopolitics and Economics. EDHEC is a top French business school, seventh in Europe and number two in France for its bachelor program. I have attended the LFC since I was seven, which means I am not only accustomed to a private school setting, but also an international style of learning and socializing. EDHEC seems to be an extension of the Lycée environment on a larger scale, which helps me feel more comfortable, as I knew I would experience culture shock moving countries. In additional, I’m pleased that EDHEC offers a professional environment. 

During my application process, my visit France in October sealed the deal for EDHEC. The school is exceptional: the campus is located in the heart of a large park (with a pond!), and is easily accessible. Moreover, the building architecture is jaw-dropping. It was one of the few campuses I visited that combined nature and modernity. Luckily, I was able to benefit from a private tour of the entire campus, and I felt an instant connection with the school: I knew I had to make it my first choice. The building is spacious and clean, but also provides a strong sense of comfort, community, almost like a home. It also has dorms on campus, which place students by nationality. I will most likely be in a building with other American students, which will allow me to connect with individuals with a similar situation to mine.  

Do you already know what you plan to study? What types of clubs and activities are you excited to participate in on campus? 

I chose to study the BBA program (Business Management Track), a rigorous course on business administration with “triple crown accreditation,” something only one percent of business schools worldwide have achieved. It is a three-year program that allows me to learn all the fundamentals of business and pursue my other interests such as international relations and geopolitics, and to customize them to my goals. By the third year, I will be able to specialize in certain sectors more oriented towards my career objectives or further studies. Another benefit of the program that I am most excited for is the professional experience abroad: students are able to study and work in any of the 167 partner universities and also work in internships to enrich their professional and cultural experiences. 

As far as student life goes, I plan to join in as much as I can. The main reason for this is that I want to avoid being lonely. The school offers a diverse and dynamic list of clubs that you can join, including EDHEC United Nations, for my interest in political science, and EDHEC Inspiring Women. Also, the school offers extensive sports offerings with various gym and sports facilities, where I would like to play basketball.

How do you think your time at LFC has prepared you for success in college, and do you have any advice for future LFC students going through the college application process? 

Certainly, since a young age, LFC has taught me how to adapt and function to a diverse environment filled with different cultures. In addition, it has given me a rich knowledge of the French way of life, which will make the transition easier. 

The French Baccalaureate program (OIB option) is one of the most rigorous educational systems I have ever encountered, and I am grateful for the lessons it has left me with: finding an effective study style to manage all of my homework, as well as my classes, sports, homework, and social life, managing my stress, working diligently within a short time frame, and organizing my knowledge and expressing it correctly. 

I would suggest to any future LFC student who is approaching the college application process to choose based on where you will excel. What I mean is to not base your choices in schools solely on what is an “Ivy League” or from family pressure. Picking a school should be about what matches your personality and goals. Making a decision can be difficult, and in order to narrow your list of schools, take in consideration many criteria: what is the student life there like? Are there any associations that I can partake in? Does the program align with my learning style? Will it provide me with an equal sense of comfort and ease as well as competition, motivating me to grow out of my usual comfort zone? And if you are able to experience the opportunity of visiting your campuses, do it!! Seeing a school in person can make all the difference!