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University Bound: Highlighting Camille B.

Three photos of Camille Brice; 1 yearbook photo, 1 black and white, and one with family

Each year, our graduating students are accepted to universities all around the world. The College Counseling Office works closely with each student to find universities that best fit his or her goals and interests to ensure that s/he continues to excel. With the University Bound series, we highlight some of their stories. This week's interview showcases Camille B., a senior in the BFI program, who will be attending Vanderbilt University next year.

Congratulations on your acceptance to Vanderbilt! Can you share with us what made it your top choice? 

Thank you! I first started looking into Vanderbilt when the school's representative visited the Lycée in the autumn of last year. I was looking at mid-sized research universities in a city, and Vanderbilt was exactly that. They seemed to have a more collaborative environment than other universities I visited, and I was also drawn to Nashville as a city. 

Do you already know what you plan to study? What types of clubs and activities are you excited to participate in on campus? 

I am interested in neuroscience, or something that links biology to human behavior. I am keeping medical school in the back of my mind, but I'll decide later if I want to pursue that. I love the arts as well, so I'll see about joining a creative club like photography, and I will definitely continue running since I've been part of the LFC's cross-country and track teams. I'm really excited about Nashville's music scene, so perhaps I’ll volunteer with a student-run group to help plan music festivals. 

How do you think your time at LFC has prepared you for success in college?

The LFC has offered me so many opportunities that have allowed me to connect globally and grow. I have learned the value of a well-rounded education, persistence in work and the importance of connecting with others in my community and beyond. There is a very close-knit community here, and the attention of every teacher and counselor to my studies have made me feel very supported. I know I can seek help when I need it, yet be resourceful when faced with a challenge. 

How did you approach your college admissions journey? Create a balanced list? Take advantage of global opportunities? Utilize the resources available to you at school and at home?

I took it step-by-step, all while trying to give myself time to reflect and really think about what I wanted in a university experience. I tried to keep myself busy with activities, locally and abroad, that I enjoyed and learned from; anytime an opportunity presented itself, I said 'yes' to it. I can be indecisive, especially deciding on something as big as which universities to apply to, so planning everything out and clearly marking down my priorities helped me a lot. If a school didn't meet my criteria, then I took it off of my list. I thought about studying in France or the UK, but ended up staying in the US (and applying to one school in Canada) for the campus experience, the research opportunities and the flexibility of the program. My counselors were very helpful in giving me resources to structure the process and guiding me in the right direction. Visiting campuses also brought clarity for me (thank you to my parents for bringing me there). 

Do you have any advice for future LFC students going through the college application process?

I would say try to resist getting overwhelmed by the process. Everyone wants answers out of you that you may not even have yourself.  But there is more than one right answer, that's why you develop a list of schools you feel you would be happy at. I recommend jumping on any opportunity to round out your profile, and optimizing your time outside of school for activities or volunteering. It's easier said than done, but being proactive in this process made me feel more confident and reassured. I would also recommend taking time for yourself; you don't have to lose yourself in this process.