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Study Abroad Stories at the LFC

Two groups of exchange students next to two individual images of exchange student pairings.

Studying abroad is a life-changing educational experience. LFC students embrace the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new country, culture, language and lifestyle on their journey to becoming global ambassadors.

When Bac student Madeleine A.G. left for Madrid, she was unsure what to expect. Taking part in an exchange program for the first time, this experience brought her new opportunities for learning, exploring and friendship-forming. 

“I have learned so much about how different both cultures are,” Madeleine said. “Downtown Madrid is beautiful and so lively, and there are also some pretty towns to visit nearby, which is great. I also feel that my Spanish has improved a lot!”

At LFC, both students and families are encouraged to take part in our high school exchange and hosting programs. These programs are a unique way for our community to cultivate diverse experiences and cross-cultural understandings, both in their own home and abroad.

This year, 14 LFC students traveled to France (8), Switzerland (4) and Spain (2) to stay with host families while 14 international students from those same countries became LFC students for a trimester. Through the Admissions Office, students are able to connect with host families prior to the exchange to ease the transition.

Bac student Diane G., who attended LFC on an exchange from Paris, found that meeting virtually with her host family prepared her for the upcoming coursework and changes in curriculum.

“Before the exchange, I advise keeping in touch with your host family and make sure to communicate,” Diane said. “I suggest asking about what is required in school like laptops, calculators, lab coats or about the clothing that's most weather appropriate.”

Outside of connecting with new cultures in the classroom, exchange programs allow students to form lasting international friendships through student life. For Bac student Robert K., taking part in extracurricular activities at his school in Paris helped him to meet new people and further his language immersion.

“I would suggest branching out and trying different electives to meet as many people as possible. For instance, I have joined the debate club, and I’ve continued Latin class, and I’ve met nice people in both,” Robert said. “The classes here have 30 students each, but the atmosphere is very pleasant and everybody gets along well!”

These connections not only create lifelong international friendships, but allow students to discover their identities in new ways. Through creating an environment in which students are meeting peers from different cultures with similar interests, students are able to grow their confidence in welcoming, receptive environments.

By encouraging this exploration and independence, LFC students see diverse perspectives to guide them on their journey to becoming global citizens. These experiences involve all members of the community – allowing everyone to cultivate incredible lifelong memories! 

Many thanks to our Admissions Office, high school deans and host families for making these exchanges unforgettable! If you are interested in taking part in an exchange or becoming a host family, visit our exchange page to learn more!