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Portraits of Our Community: Dmitri Levine

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This week, as part of our series, "Oui" are the Lycée: Portraits of our Community, we are delighted to learn more about Dmitri Levine, who started at the Lycée in March 2023 as the Afterschool Programs Coordinator. Originally from Chicago, Dmitri started his career in Seattle at the French American School of Puget Sound as the Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs.

Tell us about yourself.

I've always been interested in languages, but when I began learning French in 8th grade, it quickly became a passion. I taught French in Pilsen for two years, before deciding to move to Strasbourg, France to get my master's degree in Applied Linguistics from the city’s university. Living abroad was an amazing experience, and also allowed me to connect with so many interesting people – including the Jewish community! I was very fortunate to live in a city that had such an active Jewish community; I learned so much about myself, and it helped me feel less homesick. After I graduated, I moved to Seattle, where I enjoyed hiking in the mountains with my dog and working at the French American School of Puget Sound. I moved back to Chicago in December to be closer to my family.

Why is the LFC a good fit for you? 

Coming back to work at the LFC has felt like bringing my professional life full circle. I started working here as an undergraduate who wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do other than I loved French, and the LFC put me on a path towards becoming an educator and a deeper understanding of the importance of cross-cultural competency. I truly appreciate the opportunity to speak French (and sometimes "franglais") with my colleagues and students, and to share in the values of an international education.  

Tell us something about you that would surprise our readers.

In addition to French, I have also studied seven other languages (though not to the same level of proficiency): German, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Norwegian, Japanese, Yiddish and American Sign Language. While I have some formal study for most of those languages, the majority of my learning is now self-taught. If you are familiar with the language app Duolingo, I have a "streak" that is over 3 years long (1200+ days and counting)!

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