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Portraits of our Community: Claire Fomook, Class of 2019

Portrait of LFC Alumni, Claire Fomook.

This week, as part of our series, "Oui" are the Lycée: Portraits of our Community*, we are delighted to learn more about Claire Fomook, an LFC alumna from the class of 2019. An American, Claire joined the Lycée in 2007 as a first grader. She completed the IB program, and is now in her final year of university.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Claire Fomook and I graduated from the LFC in 2019. I am a current senior attending Kenyon College in Ohio. I am pursuing a double major in Philosophy and French as well as a minor in Computer Science. I just finished a semester abroad in Paris, where I studied at the Sorbonne. This semester, I am working on my French and Philosophy Theses, as well as working as a French Apprentice Teacher. In my free time, I’ve started the job application process where I hope to enter the  commercial real estate industry/marketing industry.

Why is the LFC a good fit for you?

Attending the Lycée Francais, specifically completing the IB, has inspired me to try many new things. The opportunity to focus on a plethora of subjects in high school has led to pursue the same type of liberal arts education in college. It has given me a holistic perspective in terms of my education and encouraged me to try new classes. The emphasis on writing in the IB has prepared me for the many 15+ page papers in college, both in French and in English. I used to take my language skills for granted, but now have greatly appreciated what the Lycée gave me: an international perspective that prepared me for higher education.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise our readers.

I used to be a part of the LFC cross country team, which inspired me to walk on to Kenyon's D3 team my freshman year!

* Note: If you are interested in being featured in the "Oui" are the Lycée: Portraits of our Community series, please contact