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Portraits of Our Community: Céleste Deudon, Class of 2022

LFC almumna Celeste Deudon with her father, mother, brother and sister in front of a white building. They wear blue and white


This week, as part of our series, "Oui" are the Lycée: Portraits of Our Community, we are delighted to learn more about Céleste Deudon, a French LFC alumna. Céleste studied at the Lycée from 2016 to 2020, from Grades 7 to10, then moved back to Paris with her family where she finished her final two years of high school. She is now a freshman at Wellesley College, an all-girls university located just outside of Boston.

Tell us more about yourself.

I'm 18 years old, and I am currently studying at Wellesley College for a Bachelor in Physics. Throughout my life, I have had the absolute luck to travel around the world. I was born in Paris, then grew up in Tunisia, experienced my childhood in China, my teens in Chicago, finished high school in France, and finally became an adult here in Boston, Massachusetts. I have a very close relationship with my family, with my incredible parents and my two amazing younger siblings. Having traveled so much, your family really quickly becomes your home. Overall, I am an outgoing, enthusiastic person who constantly strives to meet new people and help others.

Why was the Lycée the right fit for your family?

Through the numerous schools I've attended over the years, the LFC has been my favorite. It pushed me academically in a large variety of subjects and offered me a chance to continue learning a wide range of languages in an international environment. The LFC also pushed me outside my comfort zone by offering a big collection of extracurriculars. From student run organizations, to varsity sport clubs, as well as artistic opportunities, volunteering possibilities – I was never bored, in the best way possible. It is also a perfectly sized school, it offers small classes and personalized attention in all courses. It was a perfect fit for me, which explains why I ended up in the United States in a small, rigorous Liberal Arts & Science college.

Tell us something about you that will surprise many of our readers:

Before arriving at the LFC, I did not speak one word of English. I came into this establishment full of French, Americans and many other nationalities, some of them were bilingual, some even trilingual! I joined the “Welcoming English” class for students who were in the process of learning English. This was an unforgettable experience. Not only did I get to meet fellow English-learning students who went on to become great friends, I learned English in a single year. It is one of my accomplishments I’m most proud of. I was worried that my first year would be turbulent, but the LFC, my English teacher and the other students made my transition incredibly smooth.

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