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"Oui" Are Involved: The Radhakrishnan-Palaniappan Family

LFC family smiling in front of Disney castle next to 2023 Soirée logo.

The Lycée has a proud culture of engagement and philanthropy. Our series, “Oui” are Involved, highlights community members who give their time, expertise and resources to help enhance the LFC experience for all. This week, we learn more about Sindu Palaniappan, the 2023 Soirée co-chair alongside Quentin Calder, and her Indian-American family who joined the LFC community in 2022 when their son Arjun started pre-K.

Tell us about yourself.

We are an Indian-American family and are new members of the Lycée community. I grew up in India and my husband grew up in Chicago for most of his life. We love to travel and have already dragged our children through 20-hour-long flights, it can only get better (hopefully)!

How and why do you choose to volunteer your time at the LFC?

We are very excited to learn more about the school and community, and while I wanted to be involved in some way, I didn't expect it to be the Soirée. It has been great meeting fellow parents, and I'm thrilled to have been given this opportunity.

Share a favorite LFC moment.

While I'm looking to make a lot of memories, my favorite has to be when Arjun started school, and it had barely been a week, but the child was trying to teach me French words and kept correcting me as my pronunciations were constantly wrong, haha!