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New Orleans and Washington D.C.: Two Incredible School Trips

Above, seniors on class trip to New Orleans. Below, eighth graders on trip to Washington DC.

At the LFC, school trips offer unique learning opportunities through travel. Last month, as part of this initiative, our 8th and 12th grade students took trips to Washington D.C. and New Orleans. Filled with unforgettable experiences, these trips provided our students with new perspectives, memories and more!

Last weekend, 40 seniors from both our Bac and IB programs explored the history of New Orleans on their Senior Trip. Through museum visits, architectural tours and day trips across the surrounding area, students learned more about the city’s rich culture and cuisine.

They visited landmarks including the Jazz Museum, Preservation Hall, Laura Plantation and Bayou swamps. After hearing live music, seeing Louisiana’s wildlife and exploring American history, our students returned to Chicago with incredible memories of this great adventure – and sunburns!

On March 29, 43 eighth graders embarked on the classic “8th Grade DC Trip” many Americans have experienced for generations. Through trips to museums, memorials and other landmarks, students had the opportunity to see their American history curriculum come to life!

Stopping at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Capitol Building, George Washiongton’s Mount Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery and more, these experiences offered new perspectives students will remember for years to come. They also visited the White House, where they met their classmate Som S.’s uncle – who is also the head speechwriter for President Biden.

All in all, these trips are incredible continuations of LFC traditions. By combining the classroom with new cultural experiences, school trips offer students the opportunity to expand their global outlook and step foot into the world.

Many thanks to our 8th Grade supervisors, Philippe Audasso, Clare Copic, Linwood Donovan and Patricia Pertusot, and our 12th Grade supervisors, Marjolaine Bonamy, Joseph Feinberg, Lucas Hochat and Élodie Maricot.