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New Multi-Purpose Furniture in Fourth Grade

Two boys and two girls, all wearing white, sitting at desks of varying heights.

This year, fourth-grade students have been enjoying newly-equipped classrooms. Leaving behind single-student desks in favor of more modular and functional furniture, these summer upgrades include: height-adjustable desks on wheels, easy-to-move foam stools, two large worktables, and a unit of individual lockers where students can store their belongings and everyday school supplies. The new multipurpose furniture optimizes classroom space, creating learning environments to match each student’s needs and allowing flexibility during activities planned by teachers. These investments are part of an ongoing elementary project, started in 2019, in support of continued excellence in the classroom and to meet the evolving needs of students and teachers.

Three boys, two in white and one in blue, sitting at desks with gray legs.
Three students sitting at large white table, writing with blue pens on white paper.
Classroom of students looking to camera, each standing at a desk of varying heights.
Two girls in white standing at a white desk, writing in workbooks.