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Math Competitions Add Up to Top Honors

Collage of four photos from this year's trip to the worldwide Math Olympiad competition

At LFC, students regularly earn excellent results in national and international math competitions. This year, four of our students achieved a ranking never before attained by LFC students in the worldwide Olympiades de Mathématiques for 11th graders, taking four of the top ten spots among North American Lycées Français students:

  • Paul A. finished 1st.
  • Madeleine A.G. finished 3rd.
  • Paul L. (a 10th grader) finished 8th.
  • Gabriel B. finished 10th.

Unprecedented results! Thanks to their outstanding performance in the competition (two hours of individual work and two hours of teamwork), our three 11th-grade students were named “lauréats nationaux” (national winners) of the world's 11th-grade Olympiades de Mathématiques. Their remarkable work placed them among the 59 best of 25,000 participants from France and around the world, putting them in the top 0.3%! It's fantastic... 

... and yet their achievements continued. Their final rankings were unveiled at a special awards ceremony held in Paris at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Madeleine A.G., Paul A. and Gabriel B. were all able to attend. The work of the 59 students was judged, and both the individual and teamwork sections were ranked:

  • In the five prize categories created to reward the best group work, our three students took 5th place as a team!
  • In the five prize categories created to reward the best individual work during the event, Paul A. was awarded the bronze medal!

A moving moment rewarding the extraordinary math prowess of all three students! 

With many other math competitions taking place in primary and secondary school, many other LFC students had the opportunity to flex their math muscles this year. This includes a further 25 students who distinguished themselves with stand-out results:

  • Concours Castor: a computer science and logic competition

    • At the primary level, all 4th and 5th-grade students take part.
      In 4th: Julian S. finished 49th out of 4,453 candidates worldwide (top 2%), Molly M. 64th (top 2%), and Jason C. and Imelda S. tied for 106th (top 3%).
      In 5th: Henry L. finished 10th out of 6,456 candidates worldwide (top 0.2%), Sacha D. 44th (top 0.1%), Julian P. 103rd (top 2%) and Liliane F. 139th (top 3%).
    • In secondary school, all our students from 6th to 10th grade take the exam.
      Thirteen of our students ranked in the top 1% worldwide for their level.
      In 10th grade, Paul L. once again excelled, finishing in the top 0.03% worldwide!
  • Concours Algoréa: a programming competition (each student's starting position depends on his or her results in the Castor competitions). In primary school, all 4th and 5th-grade students take part.

    • In 4th: Henry L. came 15th out of 1,491 participants worldwide (top 1%).
    • In 5th: Ananya J. finished 16th out of 2,036 participants worldwide (top 1%), Elliana J. 27th (top 2%) and Simon P. 35th (top 2%).
  • Concours Kangaroo: a visual problem, logic and arithmetic contest

    • In primary school, all 3rd-grade students take part.
      Of the 29,035 3rd-grade participants worldwide, Leo M. ranked 246th (top 1% worldwide), Sophie S. 256th (top 1% worldwide), Cassian M. 372nd (top 2% worldwide) and Wesley C. 756th (top 3% worldwide).
    • In secondary school, 23 students from 6th to 11th grades registered this year.
      In 10th, Paul L. came 4th out of 10,744 candidates at his level worldwide (top 0.04% worldwide!) and in 8th grade, Joël L. finished 332nd out of 23,760 students at his level (top 2% worldwide!).
  • Course aux nombres: a mental arithmetic speed contest

    • In primary school, all 4th and 5th-grade students take part.
      Six of them qualified for the finals of their respective North American zone levels.
    • At the secondary level, all our students from 6th to 10th took part.
      Fourteen of them reached the final of their level in the North American zone. In 10th, Paul L. finished 2nd and Liam F. 8th (out of 51 finalists).  

Well done to all participants and congratulations to our math stars this year!