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Green Initiatives Grow at the LFC

Five photos from Earth Day at the LFC and the GEMS Climate Summit

For the past several years, the sustainability efforts at the LFC have been growing in exciting new ways, thanks to the work of our sustainable development coordinators, science department, LFC Green Committee and Parent Association. Examples of these projects include:

  • School supply and plastic card recycling drives
  • Food waste composting in the cafeteria
  • Creation of student eco-delegate positions to raise awareness of and implement sustainability campaigns, in both secondary school and Grades 4-5
  • Participation in the AEFE’s PhotODD Competition, showcasing the LFC’s efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN. This year, the school received the “Excellent Performance” award! 
  • Finally, the PA Uniform Giveaway 

After being awarded a “Level 2” EFE3D (établissement français à l'étranger en démarche de développement durable) certification in 2023, the LFC is striving to reach the top “Level 3” certification by committing to no longer using or distributing single-use plastic water bottles at any on-campus event. Additionally, a new event and interschool conference were also launched:

  • The first Earth Day at LFC, which included:

    • A climate-related fresco-building workshop for 6th-graders led by the ClimateClue association. Here, they learned about the complexity of today’s global warming and discussed different ways to minimize our impact. 
    • A conference for secondary school students on Illinois water issues with engineer Sharon Waller and a Kahoot game on sustainable development prepared by high school eco-delegates.
    • Workshops for students in Grades 1-5 on composting, reading product labels and raising awareness about sustainable development, were organized by the high school eco-delegates, Health Office, Green Committee and science teachers.

A day filled with environmental education and experiences!

  • The LFC’s participation in the GEMS Climate Summit, based on the Sustainable Development Goals. In groups of two to four, 17 students from Grades 4-8 participated in workshops centered around various themes:

    • Sorting objects and food according to whether they are recyclable or compostable,
    • Playing a card game on the causes and consequences of climate change,
    • Understanding the nutritional information of everyday food items (processed and unprocessed products, quantity of carbohydrates, number of proteins and fats, as well as amount of energy provided by consumption, etc.), and
    • Using basic chemistry and glucose strips to determine the sugar content of drinks, etc.

      Our students enjoyed presenting their hard work to a captivated audience, and are looking forward to the next summit!

All of these efforts and initiatives are not only beneficial to our planet, but also make our students aware of today’s environmental challenges and prepare them for future socio-economic challenges. An incredible education to be continued next year.