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Celebrating Our Longtime Staff

Nine yearbook photos of LFC faculty and staff celebrating 10 or 20 years at the school.

During the recent in-service day, the entire staff took a moment to recognize and applaud colleagues who have reached their 10 or 20-year milestones at the Lycée. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of Junior Kindergarten Teaching Assistant Marie-Laurence Faure (20 years), Receptionist Nancy Kabengele (20 years), Kindergarten Teacher Catherine Meillon-Lynch (20 years), High School Dean of Students Pascal Bedrossian (10 years), Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Gregory Bourras-Chardine (10 years), 5th Grade Teacher Alexandra Mignet (10 years), High School English Teacher Andrew Lewis (10 years), 4th Grade Teacher Aurélie Nouvel (10 years), and Instructional Technology Specialist Kevin Nouvel (10 years). Congratulations and thank you for all you do for the Lycée!