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An Unforgettable School Trip to Miami

Group of students pose in front of mural that says "Miami" with a rainbow above it

LFC’s many school trips are incredible lessons, allowing students to deepen their understanding of the world and build strong bonds between classmates. On a recent trip, senior Bac students enjoyed a four-day stay in Miami, Florida. Students took part in a variety of cultural and sporting outings: a guided tour through South Beach’s Art Deco Historic District, which features colorful, distinctive architecture influenced by our Windy City; a guided tour of “Little Havana,” where they sampled some traditional cuisine; a guided tour of the Wynwood district, which highlights some of the country’s most iconic street art and murals; a spray-painting class; and a three-hour surfing lesson on the legendary South Beach. A window to the world, great group experience and unforgettable, lifelong memory. When’s the next trip?

Discover the trip through photos