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7th Grade Ski Trip

Seventh grade ski trip to Colorado.

Our 7th-grade students had the chance to spend five unforgettable days skiing in Winter Park, Colorado, from January 16 to 20. The weather and snow were perfect! They skied everyday to practice and improve their skiing skills thanks to their nine chaperones who guided them throughout their stay.

They also met with a team of mountain rescuers to learn about the dangers of skiing and the mountains, and finally had the opportunity to go snowboarding. Good mood and smiles accompanied our group all week long, not only on the slopes but also in the resort: one evening, our students improvised a dance party in the restaurant, which will undoubtedly remain in Winter Park's annals! 

We would like to thank Philippe Audasso, Joanne Barry Babule, Kara Blain, Jean-Remy Delhaye, Jerome Fischer, Chris Lazzara, Joseph Leblanc, Bénédicte Tanneur and Sarah Whalen who were in charge of our 54 students. An unforgettable experience in an extraordinary location!