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Portraits of Our Community: Kieran S., Class of 2022

Former LFC athlete, Kieran, over the years.

This week, as part of our series, "Oui" are the Lycée: Portraits of our Community*, we had the pleasure of speaking with Kieran S., a graduating senior in the Bac program. A French-American, Kieran has attended the LFC twice, from 7th to 8th grade and again since 11th grade. A track and field enthusiast from an early age, he recently became State Champion in the 3,200-meter by running the finals of the Illinois State Championship in nine minutes and 15 seconds, a personal record. Congratulations to our young athlete and his coaches, Lauren McDonnell and Manu Lerus. We wish him the best of luck at the University of Wisconsin-Madison next year, where he plans to pursue engineering and hopes to join the track and field team!

When did you start running track and cross country, and what do you like about running?

I started running as a junior with Coach Lerus. There was a noticeable progression in my development as a runner, as I pursued it over the past two years. Running is fun in that it pushes me mentally and physically past what I thought were my limits. This makes me desire to run faster times and continue to push these limits even further.

How did it feel to represent your school in such a big competition?

It was an honor to represent the Lycée Flames at such an important race. The State Finals is definitely the most anticipated race of the season, and therefore, to represent the school at this meet was a valuable moment.

What other Flames sports do you do? What advice would you give to new students who want to try Flames but aren't sure – maybe students who haven't done an organized sport before?

I played Flames soccer and volleyball in middle school. This past year, I played on the Flames basketball team as well. I think the most crucial aspect of doing any sport is prioritizing fun and happiness. If anyone pressures you to practice a sport you do not wish to practice, that is wrong of them. Athletics should be up to you and you only, so practice whichever sport brings you joy. And if you are scared or worried about trying a new sport, it happens to everyone; go for it, it can never hurt to try and practice a new sport! That's my best advice to students at the Lycée who hope to try a new sport.

* Note: If you are interested in being featured in the "Oui" are the Lycée: Portraits of our Community series, please contact