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A giggling daycare student smiles at the camera.

Journey the world from Ravenswood.

LFC*daycare offers an inviting space to play, learn and grow in a warm, bilingual environment.

Currently open to 24-month-olds and up, and expanding to welcome 15-month-olds by year's end,  LFC*daycare gives children an early introduction to a French-English bilingual environment, planting an early seed to become engaged citizens in the world of tomorrow.

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Our Story

LFC*daycare is an outgrowth of the Lycée Français de Chicago, an international school in the beautiful Ravenswood neighborhood. Since 1995, the LFC has offered a world-class pre-K to Grade 12 education in a multicultural, multilingual learning environment. Our passion for education and for the transformational power of bilingualism inspired us to open LFC*daycare as an early education option for younger students.

Our Mission Statement

At LFC*daycare, our curious twos discover the joy of learning in a safe play-based environment where fun and exploration drive their interests and help them gain the independence skills they seek and need at this stage of their development. 

Socialization, bilingualism and socio-emotional wellbeing are at the core of our approach to teaching.

Children learn while being given the tools to regulate themselves and learn to express their ideas and feelings through art, music, language, literacy and collaborative play. 

Our Curriculum

Children are exposed to both French and English languages throughout the day. 

  • The teachers speak and engage the children in conversations in both English and French.
  • The children are taught pre-literacy skills through books and stories in English and in French; listen to French and English songs and nursery rhymes.
  • The children participate in activities that are at times in French and at times in English, learning to freely and equally use and appreciate both languages.
  • The children develop self awareness and the sense of belonging to their classroom community through Art and Music activities as well as free and guided play, in both small and large group settings. 

Bilingual Benefits

Research shows that bilingual and multilingual learners achieve:

  • Better mental multitasking ability;
  • Detail-oriented focus;
  • Improved problem-solving skills across all subjects;
  • Strengthened memory; and
  • Heightened social skills and awareness.

Our Core Values

Mutual respect, responsibility and joy of learning are values that are important to us. Our students: 

  • Learn to respect themselves, others and the school.
  • Learn to accept responsibility for their own actions and their wellbeing.
  • Build self awareness and independence. 
  • Grow in a joyful, positive and supportive environment.
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Pascale Gontard

Childcare Center Director

At LFC*daycare, your child will embark on an educational journey that will see them grow in confidence every day. Our team will help them become more independent, and your bilingual child will gain focus, inventiveness and flexibility in thinking.  

-Pascale Gontard, LFC*daycare director

5 daycare students sitting on a bench focused on their teacher.