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School Services

Supporting our students.

We offer comprehensive services to help keep our students safe, happy and thriving.

From student support services to library and transportation offerings, LFC students are given the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.


Three students working on their French alphabet.

Non-French-speaking and non-English-speaking students are welcome in most grades, thanks to LFC's Welcoming Language classes in primary school and English- or French-based diploma programs in high school.

Middle School Students with a BE KIND poster.

When a student is in need of academic, social or emotional support, student support services are available to help your child achieve success at the LFC.

Middle School Students with a BE KIND poster.

Open to all students, teachers and parents, LFC's primary and secondary libraries enrich the learning culture of the whole school community.

Health Services

The school's Health Office staff serve not only our students' basic medical needs, but also serves as health educators and a resource for faculty and parents.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology plays a large part in our pedagogy and is instrumental in the classroom. Teachers use technology to illuminate the curriculum, differentiate lessons for all learners, and instill 21st century skills. 

LFC Cafeteria

For families looking for a school-provided lunch option, the LFC partners with Handcut Foods to offer healthy, delicious, from-scratch meals for the Lycée community. The LFC is a peanut and nut-free school.


With our convenient morning school bus service, great public transportation options, a private drive for streamlined drop-offs and pick-ups and a nearby parking garage, there are a lot of great options to get to our beautiful campus!