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High School | French Bac

The world awaits.

The French Baccalaureate stimulates students' intellectual curiosity through its comprehensive curriculum that is unique in the world.

LFC's challenging and highly rewarding Bac program is complemented with an enriching student life of exchange opportunities, clubs, sports and community service that will make students stand out from the crowd.

With guidance from our distinguished college counseling team, our students are consistently accepted to top academic institutions that represent the best fit for their higher education aspirations.

Fluent French (written and oral) is required for the French Bac programs.

Jump Into a World-class French Education

The LFC Approach

Our customized, student-centered, international program that will allow your child to individually shape the course of their educational journey.

International Travel

An LFC education transforms students into global ambassadors, with numerous opportunities to discover other cultures.

University Prep

The LFC college counseling team helps assist high school students in selecting university choices that are a best-fit.


More than 85% of secondary school students participate in one of LFC's 13+ sports teams.

Community Service

High school students complete ten hours of community service per year, driven by their individual service interests.


Encouraging students to pursue their passions and interests outside the classroom is important to our mission.