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Two secondary school staff members sit and talk together during a break.

Secondary school colleagues, Ms. K & M Kabengele, connect in between classes.

School Moments, en bref

2023-9-12 School Moments, en bref
  • Our new Kindergarteners have been busy creating memories of their last year in maternelle, including making Play-Doh from scratch and practicing on scooters and tricycles in PE.
  • Grade 1 students are having fun decorating their new (and their first!) lockers with magnets, lights, photos and more.
  • Grade 4 students are excited about moving from bilingual to trilingual, starting their German, Spanish or Mandarin classes for the first time.
  • Is there anything more French than dictée, where a teacher recites a text in French and students carefully write it down? All our Grade 5 students are now practicing one dictée a day.
  • Grade 6 students have received their ID badges, which are a right-of-passage into secondary school. Exciting, but a challenge to remember every day for our new middle schoolers.
  • Grade 11 students started their chosen specializations, focusing in on their key subjects for the final two years before graduation.


Two boys and two girls, all wearing white, sitting at desks of varying heights.

This year, fourth-grade students have been enjoying newly-equipped classrooms. Leaving behind single-student desks in favor of more modular and functional furniture, these summer upgrades include: height-adjustable desks on wheels, easy-to-move foam stools, two large worktables, and a unit of individual lockers where students can store their belongings and everyday school supplies. The new multipurpose furniture optimizes classroom space, creating learning environments to match each student’s needs and allowing flexibility during activities planned by teachers. These investments are part of an ongoing elementary project, started in 2019, in support of continued excellence in the classroom and to meet the evolving needs of students and teachers.

Three middle school students cheer in class at desks with their arms raised high

Growing up in relatively privileged places in the United States, France, or elsewhere, it is sometimes difficult to truly grasp the inequality of resources and wealth between countries and regions. To better understand these vast differences, our three 7th grade classes carried out an interesting geography project entitled "Un repas insolent" (An Inequitable Meal), an exercise used in the not-for-profit world to illustrate the unbalanced availability of resources around the world.

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2023-9-12 ICYMI Highschool

Student mentors welcome our new students!


2023-9-12 ICYMI High School -2

Focused on the future ahead. #LycéeJourney


2023-9-12 ICYMI Elementary School

Friends during the uptimes and the upside-down times.


2023-9-12 ICYMI Maternelle

Reaching great heights in grande section! 


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