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Mission & History

Our Mission

The Lycée Français de Chicago, driven by our core values of respect, responsibility and the joy of learning, empowers students to grow into active global citizens.

LFC Core Values written on a paper airplane. Respect, Responsibility, Joy of Learning

Through our inclusive, multilingual and pluricultural learning environment and our true immersion-based curricula—offering both French Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate programs—we give students from pre-K through Grade 12 an outstanding, unique experience.

The LFC’s educational excellence enables our students to thrive around the world, in college and throughout their academic, professional and personal lives.

Our Passion

The Lycée Français de Chicago’s educational excellence empowers students to become well-rounded, active global citizens ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges. We educate our students to be responsible citizens of the world who employ critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and adaptability and who act with the utmost integrity.

To accomplish this, we instill each student with a global perspective that includes awareness, respect and empathy for others. We teach them to understand diverse cultural nuances, to communicate in multiple languages, and to navigate the world with confidence.

Our History

First founded in 1995 by a small group of French and American families, the LFC began as an international school of fewer than 150 students. Since then, our community has grown dramatically, attracting families from around the world who share the value of an academically challenging and culturally diverse education. Families find a second home at the Lycée because of our commitment to a world-class education and fluency in respect, responsibility, and the joy of learning.

Today, the LFC is Chicago’s premier international educational community, consisting of more than 500 families and almost 800 students.