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Stewards of our mission.

The Lycée Français de Chicago's leadership is composed of the President and the Board of Trustees, working in tandem to uphold our mission and goals.

The Board of Trustees serves as the steward of the school's educational mission and financial health, according to its established bylaws. Its responsibility is to adopt a clear statement of the school's mission, vision and strategic goals. It establishes policies, guided by advice from board-appointed committees, to ensure the LFC's long-term growth and success. At-large trustees are elected directly by a majority of the board among nominees selected by the Governance Committee, for a three-year term. A well-balanced, committed, strategic and expert board is paramount to the school’s success, high quality standards and oversight.

The school President is responsible for implementing the Board’s policies and plans, and for the day-to-day management of the LFC. The President hires faculty and staff and oversees the development of classroom policies and the curriculum, with support of the School Advisory Council. Together, the Board of Trustees and school administration ensure that the concerns, values, and expectations of parents and other constituents are considered in all decisions regarding the quality of education. 

The President and Board are also supported by a team of senior administrators who work together in the best interests of the school.

If you would like to contact the Board of Trustees or are interested in becoming a board member, please email