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Being Bilingual+

Elementary students learning French on the board

Language is the key to a world of possibilities.

It has the power to break down barriers, connect cultures and broaden understanding.

It gives us – in a world full of different backgrounds, philosophies and ways of life – a way to come together. For your child to begin their journey with the tools to speak not only one language, but several, broadens their future to global opportunities.

While an education from Lycée Français de Chicago means your child will become bilingual in both English and French, they’ll have the opportunity of multilingualism. We integrate language education throughout their studies – spanning into math, history and
geography – to aid in learning retention and teach them more than just the language but the culture around it.

Infographic of a mountain and flags representing that students can learn more than 4 languages while at the LFC

Research shows that bilingual and multilingual learners benefit from:

  • Better mental multitasking ability
  • Detail-oriented focus
  • Improved problem-solving skills across all subjects
  • Strengthened memory
  • Heightened social skills and awareness

Languages offered:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Latin
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • French as a foreign language for IB students

Bilingual diplomas offered:

At LFC, our students can choose to graduate with one of several diplomas, including

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Romain Floreani, Class of 2018

Most of us are daunted by this idea to discover new facets of our world... I challenge you to stop fearing new things but to go out and try and discover new and perhaps exotics parts of this world. A little discomfort is not always a bad thing... Fortunately for us, the Lycée has prepared us for this. For most of us, our bilingual capacities, our cultural diversity, has helped us to acquire this open mind and to be ready to face the challenges of the adult world.
—Romain, Class of 2018

Gabriel Guillaud, Class of 2008

Everyone who has spent a little bit of time at the Lycée knows that learning a new language is not just adding new vocabulary to one’s dictionary. To learn a new language is to transform oneself and create new identities.
—Gabriel, Class of 2008

Language is the Key to Understanding the World

Our student explains what learning different languages means to him in French, Spanish, English & German.