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Journey the world with Chicago's premier international school.

At LFC, we believe a good education is the beginning of a successful lifelong journey.

Our focus on academic excellence, language immersion and a personalized experience empowers students to break down the barriers ahead of them.

Our inclusive, pluricultural community not only introduces our students to what this world has to offer, but also enables them to be an active part of it.

Driven by our core values of respect, responsibility and the joy of learning, the unique LFC approach prepares all students, from pre-K through Grade 12, in French Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate tracks, to thrive around the world with confidence.

No background in French or English is required for most grades, but interest in an international experience is a must.

An LFC education sets students up with the tools they need to become critical thinkers, cultural ambassadors and multilingual experts. It is our mission and our passion.

-Eric Veteau, Head of School

Lycée Français de Chicago

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Pre-K to Grade 12












Being Bilingual+

Language has the power to break down barriers, connect cultures and broaden understanding.

The LFC Approach

Through LFC's bilingual+ curriculum, international exposure and personalized approach, students become equipped to meet the challenges of an increasingly global world. 

Meet Our Leadership

The LFC leaders are the stewards of our mission. The Lycée Français de Chicago's leadership is composed of the President and the Board of Trustees, working in tandem to uphold our mission and goals.