School Policies & Regulations

This is an excerpt from our School Handbook. To download the entire handbook and administrative forms mentioned in this section, visit our Forms & Documents page.

Health & Wellness

Questions about school health and wellness policies may be directed to the School Nurse.

Emergency & Medical Forms

Children admitted to the school should be in good health and toilet-trained.

Before the beginning of each school year, all parents receive Emergency and Medical Forms by mail. The Emergency Form must be returned to the office no later than the first day of school. The Medical Form must be returned promptly and kept current, especially in regard to vaccinations. The school will deny access to any child who does not have the appropriate vaccinations by the date prescribed by State of Illinois regulations.

State of Illinois Required Forms

The Illinois Department of Human Services requires that all students have a Certificate of Child Health Examination on file at the school. Returning students must update the record annually.

The Department of Public Health also requires the Proof of Dental Examination Form.

In Case of Illness

A child with a fever or who feels ill should not be sent to school.

If a student will be absent due to unexpected illness or injury, the family must notify the School Office (pre-elementary through grade 5 students) or Dean of Students Office (Middle and High School students) as soon as possible, and always by 8:30 a.m. on the day of the absence.

If a student returns to school within three days, a note from a parent is acceptable as an excuse. If the absence lasts more than three days, the school may require a doctor’s certificate to explain the illness.

Notification of Illness & Injuries at School

If a problem arises during school (fever, illness, accident), the family will be contacted and asked to immediately come pick up the child.

In case of a contagious disease, parents will be notified by a memo from the school.

In case of a serious accident, the family will be notified immediately. If the family cannot be reached, the child will be transported to the hospital indicated on the Emergency Form.

The school has an accident-insurance policy covering the students. This is billed to the parents and is mandatory.


The school is not authorized to administer any medication to the children without the express permission of the parents. If a child has specific, significant medical problems and must take medication during the school day, the parents are asked to contact the School Nurse to establish how the medication is to be administered.

Parents should provide the School Nurse or the teacher with:

  • The medication for the day and precise instructions on frequency of administration. (For asthma, an inhaler should be kept at school with the student or his/her teacher.)
  • A waiver of responsibility (Medical Administration Form).

Head Lice

It is not unusual for schools to encounter cases of head lice (pediculosis) in the fall and spring. The Lycée is no exception. We keep a close watch on classes where we know children have been exposed to head lice, but we need your help in preventing their spread.

Please inspect your own child’s hair. If you find nits (eggs) or active lice, please notify the school immediately. Lice infestation may occur in any group of young children. Adults may also be affected. A secondary infection may result from the scratching.

The Illinois Department of Public Health provides this guideline regarding the return to school of affected children: “Exclude case from school until the day after the first shampoo, lotion, or cream rinse pediculicide is properly applied.” We follow this guideline at the Lycée and re-check the affected child on a daily basis to ensure that the treatment provided is successful and that no live lice are present.

Other children in the classroom are also checked just to make sure the lice have not spread. A note is also sent home to classmates.

We ask for your assistance in ensuring that all those infected within your home are properly treated. The School Nurse will provide you with resources as needed. The following websites are recommended:

Our school policy on head lice follows the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. When head lice are discovered on a child, we take the following steps:

If head lice are discovered by the parents, we ask the parents to notify the following via e-mail:

  • Their child’s homeroom teacher (Pre-Elementary and Elementary School), the Dean of Students (Middle School), or the administration (High School).
  • The School Nurse.
  • The Primary School Director, or the Secondary School Director.

If head lice are discovered at school, teachers (including general school staff and after-school staff) will contact the School Nurse and the Director.

As soon as the School Nurse is informed, she will:

  • Go to the affected child’s classroom to check the other children one by one for lice and nits. The names of affected students are not divulged.
  • Inform the parents whose children have lice and provide them with resources as needed.
  • Re-check the children after their return to school to ensure that the treatment they have received has been successful.
  • E-mail the parents of the affected classes and parents of children participating in after-school activities with the affected child. The nurse works from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., so any communication sent later will come from the School Office.
  • As part of the Friday Report, explain to parents that they are expected to check and/or treat their children before sending them back to school the following Monday.
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