Safety & Security

Fire Safety

Each classroom has an assigned exit and exit route. The appropriate safety procedure is posted in each classroom and in the hallways.

Regular fire drills are planned during the school year. Students must line up in single file and remain with their teacher. Students are expected to remain silent during the evacuation procedure. When the okay signal is given, the students will be escorted with their class in single file line back to the classroom.

School Closing

The school may close due to inclement weather, a power outage, or an emergency. In such cases, parents will be notified early in the morning on the website’s homepage. Also, each class implements a calling-tree system through the room parents which circulates information quickly in case of an emergency or closing (for example, on snow days).

Publicity Photographs

For publications and for publicity purposes, the school will occasionally have photographs taken of the school facilities and students. Photographs, videos, and films may be taken in classes, in the play yard, and at school functions.

If you do not wish to have your student photographed, videotaped, or filmed, you may indicate this preference on the photography waiver in your student registration packet.

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