Behavior & Discipline

Children and families alike should avoid all behavior, gestures, or words that are hurtful or disrespectful toward school personnel, students, or families.

School personnel are forbidden any behavior, gesture, or word that would indicate indifference or lack of respect for students or their families.

It is forbidden to chew gum on school premises.

No smoking is permitted in the building, the parking lot, or the school yard.

Students are advised not to bring toys or valuables to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss of personal property.

Failure to observe school rules of behavior may result in sanctions given by the teacher(s), depending on the gravity of the incident. Sanctions include:

  • Loss of recess privileges.
  • After-school detention (parents will be informed in writing the day before).
  • Supplemental written work to be signed by the parents (in the case of incomplete or missing homework).
  • In-school service.

Elementary School

Grade 1 to 5 students follow the Code de Vie, a guideline inspired by several codes of conduct as well as the behavioral belt system already in use at the Lycée.

As our students become aware of their rights and duties, they must strive to respect the Code de Vie, which fosters responsibility, respect, politeness, and excellence in a safe learning environment.

The Code de Vie is meant to ensure justice for all and guarantee consistency. It encourages students’ autonomy and rewards good behavior (green card), while providing consequences for rule infringements (yellow and red cards).

Repeated violations are followed by more severe consequences. However, we prefer sensible, progressive penalties to merely punitive ones. In some instances, students will be able to repair their mistake.

Please note that rules specific to each class, established by teachers and students at the beginning of the school year and consistent with our code of conduct, will keep coexisting with the Code de Vie. These rules and regulations, intended for a smooth running of each class, are also meant to specify everyone’s expectations.

Middle & High School

In grades 6 to 12, disciplinary and academic infractions are recorded on a report sheet, which may or may not be sent to the parents depending on the gravity of the incident.

Should these infractions become more frequent and/or serious, the student will receive a follow-up sheet on which each teacher will note the student's behavior and schoolwork at the end of each period. These follow-up sheets are to be signed every night by the parents, and will remain in effect until the student has improved his/her attitude.

When serious misbehavior continues to disrupt the functioning of the class and/or the school, indicating an obvious lack of adaptation to the school environment, the situation will be submitted to the education team (division head and teachers) for review.

Sanctions include, in increasing order of seriousness:

  • A warning given by the administration in the form of a meeting with the parents.
  • Suspension from class for one or several days. The student is placed with another class but continues to work according to the instructions of his/her usual teacher.
  • Temporary suspension from school (less than three days). The administration takes this action on the recommendation of an ad hoc discipline committee of teachers after meeting with the parents of the student.
  • Expulsion from school. The action must be taken by the Disciplinary Board, which consists of representatives of the administration, the classroom teachers, and the concerned teacher.
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