Parent Association

The Parent Association of the Lycée Français (PA) seeks to create a community of families, forge ties between the French and American cultures, and contribute to the Lycée's vitality and reputation.

The Parent Association:

  • Organizes activities for Lycée families.
  • Plays an active role in increasing the school's standing and visibility within the Chicago community.
  • Contributes to the quality of student life by raising funds to support daily school activities and improve the quality of student life.

The Parent Association is a volunteer-run organization. Officers are elected at the end of each academic year, and Lycée parents are actively encouraged to participate in one of the many committees created to meet PA objectives. Volunteering is an excellent way to become involved in school life and develops relationships throughout the school.


We encourage all parents to consider sharing their time and talents with the school by joining one of the Parent Association committees. Committee work is wonderful way to meet other parents and ensure that the PA meets the needs of parents and children throughout the school year.

You may sign up for one or more Parent Association committees by contacting the PA at 

Welcome Committee

This committee helps new families adjust to our school and to life in Chicago. Everyone needs support during this transition. You can help by befriending new families and creating a welcome kit.

School Directory Committee

This committee compiles and updates all the essential information about the Lycée, which is then published in an annual directory. Joining this committee is a great way to become familiar with the school.

Lunchroom Committee

Committee members coordinate the work of volunteer parents in the lunchroom who supervise the students and provide light clean-up help during lunch period.

Art Committee

This committee supports and showcases the Lycée’s focus on student art through internal Lycée projects and projects for the community at-large, such as the school calendar and notecards.

Fall French Market Committee

French Fall Market needs as many parents and students as possible to help set up exhibits and assist in the Children’s Pavilion. Join in the fun and make this event a great success.

Room Parent Committee

Room parents play an integral role in the classroom, organizing social events and class field trips. This committee identifies two room parents for each class, informs them of their duties, and provides them with assistance.

Landscape Committee

With or without a green thumb, you are welcome to assist this committee as it seeks to enhance the exterior grounds of the school.

Special Events Committee

This group organizes many social events throughout the year, such as monthly coffee hours, the Welcome Lunch in October, school picnics, and evening events for parents who cannot make the daytime gatherings.

Green Committee

This committee strives to increase environmental awareness in the entire school community. Join us in educating people to live responsibly so that our planet and its resources are preserved for future generations.

Chicago Discovery Committee

Join this committee and get to know Chicago through outings organized by parents once a month.

Exchange Student Host Family Committee

This committee assists the school in locating potential host families and encouraging them to participate in the exchange student host family program. The committee supports host families with issues such as financial support, living arrangements, meals, chores around the home, childcare, drop-off/pick-up (of the exchange student or of the family’s other children), tutoring, and behavior.

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