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What Parents and Students Are Saying

"I know the International Option of the French Baccalaureat will give me an edge when applying to any university in the world. I love the idea of keeping my options open!"
-- Julie F., student

"After six years at the Lycee, the school has more than exceeded our expectations. Our children are completely bilingual and they have flourished in the strong academic and social environment the Lycee has provided. As parents we have also appreciated the strong culture of parent involvement and the attention our children receive because of the very manageable class sizes."
--Diane S. and Bruce B., parents

"We have always been impressed by the strong sense of responsibility the teachers have. We are also touched by the amazing efforts and careful planning of the English and social studies professors. Because of the quality and efficiency of their teaching, the students are at a competent level in the English language and in general knowledge of the American culture."
-–Mei W., parent

"Our daughter's strong and rigorous open mind. Her internal discipline. Her noncompetitive spirit. Her ability to handle complex ideas. Her lack of fear of the unknown. Her facility at problem solving. Her different way of thinking. Her ability to find the fun and share it with others. These are all things our teachers and our school have given her––things she wouldn't be getting anywhere else."
--Nancy F., parent

"Our daughter has had an amazing experience and has gained excellent language and academic skills to prepare her for her ongoing endeavors in life. You have done a wonderful job of making the Lycée the top-notch education and language experience."
--Steve F., parent

"Our past 10 years in expatriation led us to Asia, Scandinavia, and now the US. The French Lycées our daughters attended during this time have been instrumental not only in providing the academic continuity and excellence characteristic of the French Curriculum, but also in helping them open up their minds to the world and learn four languages. The Lycée of Chicago now gives our eldest the possibility to pass their OIB-French Baccalaureat American Option with the best possible preparation and opens up for them an invaluable world of opportunities."
--Helene F., parent

"The students, teachers and families that make up the Lycée offer an atmosphere of cultural diversity that is unavailable anywhere else. It has never been more critical for all of us to understand people of all races, religions, origins and socio-economic backgrounds. In addition, the education provided at the Lycée is a rigorous one, which prepares better its students for the challenges that follow. It is vital, in an increasingly competitive and global society, that our children develop sound work habits, and the demands of the Lycee foster this."
--Bill T., parent

"It is a gift to have the resource of the Lycée in the city of Chicago. The Lycée broadens my children's experiences, helping them to become more interesting people. In looking to the future, I believe my children will have an advantage in applying to college, as they are coming from a very different school, and one which is recognized by college admissions offices as being especially challenging."
--Susan L., parent

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