Middle & High School


At the Lycée Français de Chicago, the Secondary School curriculum combines the course work required by the French Educational System with an American College Preparatory course of studies.

Middle School-Collège

Middle school (Grades 6-9) is a time of transition as students move from a self-contained classroom with one teacher to a team of teachers, one for each subject.  These expert teachers motivate and guide students to explore new ideas, solve problems, and analyze content in their academic disciplines as well as supporting and encouraging students by focusing on skills and study habits that will help them work autonomously in preparation for high school.
The team of middle school teachers also tries to foster a sense of belonging in students to ease social and emotional difficulties during adolescence.
During middle school, students follow the mandatory program of the French Ministry of National Education in addition to classes in English such as English Language Arts and Social Studies. Technology is also taught in English.
In Grade 6, students add a foreign language (Spanish, German or Mandarin).  They also have the option of beginning Latin in Grade 7.

High School-Lycée

High school (Grades 10 to 12) combines high academic standards with a unique multicultural experience.  The LFC offers two distinct programs:

1)     French Baccalaureate: Students in the French program continue to be taught in the French language in all subjects except for English and American Social Studies.  OIB (International Option of the Baccalaureate) is also offered. This course of study culminates in the French Baccalaureate, a diploma certifying college preparation.
2)      International Baccalaureate: Students who enter the LFC in 9th grade and are not French speaking take preparatory courses for two years as part of the Pre-IB Program. This is followed by two years of the International Baccalaureate Program (Grades 11-12).  In these four years, all subjects are taught in English except for an intensive course in French.
Both Baccalaureate programs are highly regarded allowing students to make their choices based upon their own strengths and academic goals.
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