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The Lycée Français de Chicago is an IB World School authorized to deliver the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in grades 11 and 12.

In grade 9 and 10, the Lycée offers a rigorous curriculum with the goal to prepare students to undertake the IB Diploma, a rigorous and renowned high school honors curriculum. It offers students a highly academic, culturally diverse and personally fulfilling education – one that prepares students to enter top colleges and universities and to compete in today's fast-changing, global age.

Founded in Geneva in 1968 as a non-profit foundation, the International Baccalaureate currently works in nearly 3,500 schools in 143 countries, reaching almost 1,00,000 students from ages 3 to 19.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme curriculum

The IBDP curriculum requires students to study six subjects, three at Higher Level and three at Standard Level. Within the structured framework there is flexibility to accommodate student interests and individual talents.
Six study courses include:
Individuals and societies: History, Geography,
Experimental Sciences: Chemistry, Biology, Physics
The Arts: Visual and Performing Arts. In lieu of an arts course, students can substitute another elective from the first five study courses.
In addition to their course of study, students complete the following:
Extended Essay: Students gain research and writing skills required for college work.
Theory of Knowledge: Students learn to ask questions, think critically and analyze information.
Creativity-Action-Service: Community service projects build a sense of social responsibility.

Why choose the Lycée Français de Chicago's IB Programme?

The Lycée's wealth of experience and professionalism in administering the French National Baccalaureate exam (an externally judged examination similar to the IB) is demonstrated by the high success rates of our students on the French Bac. 

At the Lycée, the low teacher to student ratio allows us to meet the individual needs of students through differentiated instruction. This is a student-centered approach that ensures each student achieves academic success and acquires a lifelong passion for learning.

At the Lycée, students prepare and take their examinations in a truly international environment, since more than 35 nationalities are represented in our student body and amongst our faculty.

The Lycée has created an environment where our values of respect, responsibility and the joy of learning flourish within our student community.

Benefits for your child

Students pursuing the IB  not only benefit from the knowledge acquired in each subject, but also from the inter-disciplinary connections across IB courses.

The stakes are higher than ever for young people entering high school. Technology, world commerce and cultural exchanges are creating a new dynamic that impacts the future of citizens across the world. Today, many education experts recommend the IB over other high school honors programs for students who want to succeed professionally and personally on a global scale.

The International Baccalaureate develops skills that are crucial to becoming an active member of society in the 21st century. The Diploma Programme encourages students to adopt a positive attitude to learning by encouraging them to think critically, to develop independent research skills, and to acquire the essentials tools for autonomous learning.

The Diploma Program provides excellent preparation for college. For example, the extended essay (a 4,000-word paper based on a research project chosen by the student) is a great introduction to the types of projects required of students in higher education.

Students with an International Baccalaureate diploma are accepted at top colleges and universities in the US and throughout the world, many of which award course credit for the IB. 


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For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact:

Sébastien Tourlouse, 
IB Diploma Coordinator 
773-665-0066 ext. 46
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