Physical Education (PE) and the FLAMES program play a vital role in the curriculum of any student at the LFC. The balanced and complementary nature of these two programs and the richness of the American and French cultures in terms of physical education and sports allows each student to flourish and express his/her personal potential.

The organization of international exchanges, such as the "Lycee Games*" in PE and with the FLAMES teams, is an integral part of the LFC’s spirit of international openness. The school community, through the parents, provides enormous support, assistance and promotion of these two educational sports programs.
The purpose of PE and the FLAMES is to help form a well-rounded student, who is able to manage his/her physical well-being and develop and optimize his/her abilities, as well as derive pleasure from a variety of sports activities. 
To download the PE program, click here. For the Flames program, click here.
To register for the Lycee Flames teams and camps, click the logo: flame140
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