"Music deserves to be the mandatory second language in every school in the world."

-Paul Carvel (Belgian author)

Musical education at the Lycée Français is based on the principle set forth by the French Minister for national education: "shared musical pleasure". Music is a source of pleasure and joy that has the power to invoke emotion. At the Lycée, students from pre-K through 9th grade learn to understand and appreciate the nuances of this art form.
In Pre-Elementary grades (Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten), students discover instruments (such as castanets and tambourines) and dance to music together. Students sing and develop an ear for music, learning to recognize the change of instruments or tempos as they follow along to a guitar, piano or accordion.
In the Primary grades (1st through 4th), students discover various aspects of music through singing, listening, playing instruments, participating in musical games, studying history of music and creating musical projects.
In the Middle school grades (5th through 9th), students work in particular on rhythm, melody, music recognition, harmony and vocal projection. Through various individual or group activities, the students learn to appreciate major musical works of various genres, compose songs, express themselves, talk, think and gain self-confidence through music. Middle school students also participate in school trips to music shows such as the opera or musical theater.


From the primary school through 12th grade, Lycée students can also take part in various musical activities as part of the extracurricular programs offered by the Lycée, including:
The Choir and the Orchestra perform public shows regularly organized within the school or elsewhere, such as at the Alliance Française.
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Marie Erinkitola

Marie Erinkitola has taught music in the primary school since 2003. Since this time, her goal has been to inspire children to adopt music in all its aspects, by following a firm curriculum that evolves regularly. Marie is also in charge of the end-of-year show for the primary school, in which all the students participate. Marie holds a music teaching and musical artist diploma.
Marick Fargues, music teacher for the pre-school and middle school
Marie has shared her passion for music with the students of the Lycée Français de Chicago since 2000. Marick plays flute and accordion and participates in many recitals and concerts.  She is also a member of the "FrenchCabaretDuo".
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