The Lycée Français de Chicago is a beautiful and evolving common ground for our diverse and committed community of students, teachers, parents, and staff. It is the school where contrasts meet, mingle, and coexist, as people come from around the corner and across the world to learn and live together in a distinctly Franco-American environment. Teaching at the intersection of varying cultures, ideas, and viewpoints, the LFC offers a uniquely energized and worldly learning experience.
This shared and passionate educational territory is where discussions stay live and where difference is the norm. As a French Lycée founded in the mid-western city of Chicago, we have the benefit of being simultaneously foreign yet native, outwardly looking yet very much at home. We are, by our very nature and context, uniquely charged with navigating the pluralities that reflect the true state of the world—complexity, change, convergence, and the unforeseeable challenges that lie ahead.
For our students, the LFC’s French education—built on the stable foundation of an international system and yet locally responsive and adaptable to the realities of the emergent future—acts as the ambassador of a broader perspective. Our students learn in an environment that embraces contrast and fosters a culture of inquiry. They learn through a rigorous curriculum that equips them with the confidence and capacity to question and discern and truly discover.

This experience of thinking critically in an inherently relevant and globally connected environment ensures that learning is not a time away from the world, but an immersion in the full spectrum of life. It ensures that our children have the empathy, intellectual ingenuity, and courage to lead in an ever-changing 21st century world.

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