French American Education

We believe that teaching languages in a multicultural environment is the best way to cultivate the individual confidence and abilities of our pupils. Our aim is that they achieve their goals and contribute to society as thoughtful, well-rounded citizens of the world. When children are given the opportunity to learn French as an additional language as early as 3 and 4 years old, it quickly becomes second nature. Complete fluency is usually acquired by Middle School. Our system also provides the opportunity for native French speakers—enrolling at any level—to maximize their time in becoming proficient in English.

Our program is based on the French National Curriculum combined with key American building blocks. It offers students the best of both worlds.

  • From the extensive French curriculum—taught in French—students become highly proficient critical thinkers by acquiring the rigorous writing skills and broad academic knowledge necessary for the French Baccalaureate.
  • From our strong American program—taught in English—students receive the academic preparation that is demanded by American colleges and universities.
  • From multicultural exposure, students gain valuable social and communication skills, and become exceptionally open-minded.

Taking into account the richness, diversity, and challenges of this dual-language system, students schooled at the Lycée are well-prepared to meet—and often exceed—the demands of the best universities in France, Europe, and North America.


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